Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grace's Bedding

I put the twins into twin beds, no pun intended, on their second birthday. For Grace's, I used a daybed that used to be in one of our spare bedrooms, but for the past several years, has been being stored under my own bed. For two purposes, I didn't want to leave the underside of her bed empty. First out, because it would become a haven for straggling toys, and secondly, because it was an awesome place for me to hide away some of our food storage. In any event, I needed to come up with a dust ruffle to cover the underneath portion. This particular daybed does not accomodate a standard ruffle because of the slats underneath the mattress, so I had to be a little creative. (by the way, pardon this photograph - it was taken on my iPhone..., pun: but you get the picture...)
I gathered and sewed up these panels, then stitched velcro, (yes, I said velcro,) along the tops. Having to purchase it separately, I lined the underside of her bed with sticky-back velcro. Viola! Problem solved. All I had to do was line the panels up with the bed, and she was good to go.

Now, on to the next project, her bedding. For now, she is using a white down comforter, but I already have a vision of the quilt that I am going to make for her bed, which will tie everything in her room together... You'll just have to wait for now to see the finished product!

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