Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Few Other Window Panels

Here are a few other window treatments from around my house that I've sewn. These floral ones are in my dining room for now - I have big plans to replace them with a nice heavy rich colored brocade fabric, but that requires more cash than I'm willing to spend right now. I also covered my dining room table chairs in this same fabric. These were the first curtains that I had ever sewn - from about 6 or 7 years back, (embarassingly long time to have up the same window treatments, but it is what it is.) The panels are 114" long, still leaving about 4 more feet of bare wall above them in this room. Not a great photo of them, but you get the picture, right? I have these two narrow windows that flank the fireplace in the downstairs living area. Full sun floods through them during mid-day..summers are brutal. So, I lined these dupioni silk panels with a thermal fabric and a blackout fabric. They are awesome - not a drop of sunlight gets through them, so they serve their purpose well.
And lastly on my list today, are the silk panels that I literally threw together for my littlest son's room. At this point, his bed backs up agains this wall - would have included it in the photograph, but didn't feel like making his bed this morning :) The panels are floor length and lined with blackout fabric as well. Needless to say, they match his bedding - store bought, mind you, perfectly... His room decor is for another day, perhaps...

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