Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crib Bedding for the Twins

When I was pregnant with the twins, I took it upon myself to sew custom bedding for their cribs. Not necessarily trying to save myself money or time, just not very impressed with what I had found in stores. Custom bedding is ridiculously priced, and after taking this task on, I know exactly why... Keeping in mind that I was sewing for two cribs instead of just one, and add in the fact that I am a perfectionist down to the last stitch, I spent a large amount of time on these. I am my own worst critic, but looking back on them now, I think they turned out really well.

This first photo is of Walker's crib... I commissioned my sister-in-law, Amy, to paint the tree mural - which turned out fabulous, (thanks again, Amy!)I wanted to keep the nursery colors very neutral until I knew each baby's personality, so I went with a creamy color and browns.
Here is the inside of his crib. I used the chocolate browns, creams, and a blue, almost a deep Tiffany blue for his bedding. I also sewed these teddy bears - one for each child, out of left over scraps from their bedding. Love them...

I also made these quilts, seen hanging over the back of the crib here, in their respective colors, using minky fabric on the back. Sooo soft and sweet.

...and his dust ruffle. Gracen's bedding was/is identical, with the exception that her dust ruffle was chocolate brown with a sheer polka-dotted brown ruffle sewn into the top, and her quilt & bear have pink in them rather than blue. I know for a fact that I photographed Gracen's bed, too, but for whatever the reason, cannot locate the files. Here are a couple of random photos that show her quilt and bumper.
(I will post Gracen's bedding photos when I come across them.)

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