Friday, June 5, 2009

I Call Dibs...

Even though I have boy/girl twins, eventually, they won't want to share the same theme for their birthday celebrations. I call dibs on these ideas for a princess or ballerina themed party for my Grace. They could be modified and dressed up to look like ball gowns or tutus or whatever dress you'd prefer. You could stamp on or emboss on, or better yet, you could add beading or self-adhesive pearls onto the bodice part. They would work very well for a wedding shower as well... Very sweet - maybe for her 5th birthday? Don't forget: "..This seat's taken..."

Fishy Cake

Wouldn't this make a sweet ocean/swimming themed cake for a small child's birthday party? I can picture it now... Melanie, it's time for you to master fondant!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Are a Marvel...

I posted this on our family's blog, but thought it important enough to post on this site - at least this way, I get to listen to it over and over again...if I so choose to.