Friday, April 30, 2010

Ward Bulletin Boards...

I have the distinguished honor of maintaining our church ward's bulletin board, keeping it current with the latest info. Now keeping in mind, there really is only SO MUCH that one can do to a board such as this, that is not too...I don't even know the word for it. Let's just say, it is challenging to keep the board neutral, eye-pleasing, and efficient.

Anywho...there were a couple of other board ideas that were executed but not photographed. This is one of the first few attempts at updating it. (You should have seen it before I came along!) ...Sorry, but I just don't think it's acceptable for someone to just print headings off on standard white paper, fold the edges to "trim" off the excess borders, then staple it to the board. L.A.Z.Y. ...but that's just me.

In this photo below, I was winging it. I was given the calling on a Thursday, not knowing the exact board measurements, I just guessed at the size the headings should be and cut them out with my Cricut...oops. The yearly theme for 2009 was "Taking the Next Step..." and each month's theme completed the sentance. This is what I like to call my "rough draft board."

There was another "board" in between the first and this one. I attached little shoes - various types, around the upper and lower board borders, symbolic of taking a step. The shoes were a little cheesey, but the Bishop's wife had requested that I use them. Here, I re-cut the headings, utilizing my trusty Cricut machine. All colors used here were all from the Fall color family. I cut the words out of vinyl - WAY easier than attaching individual letters for the wording. Nothing too exciting, but it got the job done.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I hand-crafted all of these flowers, once again utilizing my handy-dandy Cricut machine, and attached them to a background border, which was then attached to the board itself. Now, some may call me an "over-achiever," but I'll admit that I'm still not satisfied with how it looks.

Here are some close-ups of some of the flowers before they were mounted on display. I won't say they were all quick or easy to make...I don't want to fib :)
Spider Mums & Begonias, (which look like roses to me.)
Marigolds & Mums
Bachelor Buttons, Impatiens, & Pansy
More Begonias
And a collage containing all of the flowers above as well as others - Clematis, Cosmo, Azalea,Echinacea, Wind Flower, Dogwood, Gerber Daisy, and a couple of other random ones... I wish I had cut more flowers, making the border fuller, but wasn't about to come back for round 2. I had spent ample time on what was done already...
Now, I've got to come up with something even more special for the Summer! Any ideas? There are only 2 of you women out there that even know I keep this blog, so if you're really reading it, I'll be expecting your suggestions in the comment section! :)

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Treisha said...

Well, I don't think I'm one of the two who you think are reading it, but I do live in Frisco and was so grateful to see this board.