Thursday, May 27, 2010

Naughty Tutu for Tootie-Grace

I threw together this simple tulle tutu for Grace to wear on her first birthday. I like to call it her "naughty tutu," as I tied knots throughout it, giving it some visual interest...not that Grace has ever been naughty when she wearing it, (ahem...) She wasn't crazy about it then, as she was barely walking, preferring to crawl, but chose to be adorable and wear it - mainly because it made her mommy happy :) Since the party, almost 2 years ago, she has worn it on a small handful of occasions, but never had a serious interest in it. The tutu has been hanging as room decor on the back of her bedroom closet door all of this time.

Here she is with a couple of her friends that came to the birthday party...

Last week, from out of nowhere, she re-discovered her sweet little tutu! She literally wore it all day long for 3 days straight - still not sure what got into her, but she loved it! Here are a couple of shots that I snagged of her with my cell phone...
Grace, tapping to the beat of her own drum....
I just thought this was super sweet - she's such a silly playful girl.
And, of course, with her beloved pink binkie... She only takes the bink when she's going to sleep, but given that this particular one had been "hiding" from her for almost a week, she wanted to honor it's return during the daytime, as she had missed it so very much.
...Without the binkie.
...With the binkie.
...and so on.

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