Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not All That Crafty...

I don't consider myself to be the most "crafty" person who ever existed, but I have other talents to make up for my shortcomings. For instance, I can sew. I'm not claiming to sew well, but I know enough to give off the illusion that I can. I'm not one to be tooting my own horn, but as I sat in silence today, looking around, I felt a sense of accomplishment at. Even though I am self-taught, I have successfully sewn quite a few things around my house over the past couple of years, hence this post. Over time, I will be sharing pictures of some of the home furnishings and other "crafty" projects that I've completed.

For starters, here are the curtains that I whipped up for my kitchen windows. They are mostly along the back-side of the house, which catches full sunlight. I love how they sparkle when the outside light shines through the trim on these babies just right.

I loved the dark chocolate brown, golds, and the garnet colors in this fabric. I know the fabric is heavy, but I fell in love with it at first touch. It compliments every other color used in decorating the surrounding rooms, and ties in perfectly. I lined them in a coordinating garnet silk dupioni fabric that I used to make the drapes that flank either side of the fireplace mantle in the downstairs living area.

Oh, and I'm not too proud to admit that there are several safety pins holding some of these trumpets in their place...

I omitted the expensive trim from the curtain hanging over my kitchen sink, as it is a west-facing window and gets minimal lighting. Noone ever even notices :)

You would never guess that all of this trim is hot glued on, would you? ...the only quick and easy part of making these window treatments.

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Amy said...

Admit it or not, you are very creative.

I love all of your window treatments, your baby bedding and everything you sew. Wish I had that amition for sewing...but I don't.