Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party & Banner

My sister-in-law, Ginger, along with much help from myself and my sister-in-laws, threw the cutest "Cat in the Hat" themed party for her twin son's first birthday last weekend. She served green (deviled) eggs and ham with croissants, ...jello jigglers cut out in the shape of fish, and gold fish crackers, of course... Note to self: Cotton candy melts very quickly on humid days, so if you're going to try using it for cupcake toppers again in the future, make sure it's the final touch to your table, not the first...

Blue punch rounded out the color scheme.

I put together this banner... ...and also made these pom-poms out of tissue paper - should have made more for a bigger impact!
Per Ginger's request, I literally threw together these little hat cakes. They were perfect, by no means, but were all "cattywompus" and imperfect, just as she had asked them to be.
The multi-talented Amy, my other sister-in-law hand painted these Thing 1 & Thing 2 faceboard cut-outs. They were adorable! The kids loved having their pictures taken with it!
Everyone had a fun, fun, fun time! Thanks Ging!

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Margarita said...

I was just browsing for Dr. Seuss birthday ideas and came across yours. Simply adorable!